Took my new lens for a walk around a) the garden b) Dinton Pastures and c)Maiden Erlegh lake today.

The sun shone after the walk round Dinton (hence why I detoured on the way home). Still astounded by the quality and clarity of photos with the new 70-200 lens – and I had high hopes before I even tried it!

I had only found flowers and blossom to photography  – and a couple of swans – and was a little disappointed not to find a bird or a squirrel to shoot. Then just as I was about to get back in the car, a robin hopped onto a tree and sang to me and I got a lovely photo.

Duncan:I dont need glasses
Me:Oh good – why?
Duncan: I can look through this piece of plastic and make everything look fuzzy – so I can use that instead of glasses.
Me: Glasses dont make everything look fuzzy – they make you able to see better
Duncan: But when I put Lara’s glasses on – everything looks fuzzy


taken from 6m away!!

By Maiden Erlegh lake

by Dinton Pastures – who knew flowers could look so good in Black and white!

The best thing about this one is I took it sitting on my sofa!! We have a tree outside the front of the house with lots of bird feeders on and usually I creep to the window to take with my longer lens (which meant half the time the birds fly off when they see movement). This photo was taken with a shorter lens from 12ft further away (total distance of 7m according to the exif) and is SO much clearer than I ever managed before! I might never need to get up from my chair again!!