I’m not a football fan…but I have never enjoyed watching a game more than watching Sx’s team play this morning. The opposition were a team they had a goaless (souless?) draw to last week away – this time it was on home turf (and a bigger pitch) and it was pure poetry. The passing was wonderful to watch – he has it, no, now he’s passed it, now its back to him, now its off the other side…the poor opposition didnt know where to start

Sx scored 2 of the 3 goals in their 3-0 victory. One was a free kick from about 30ft away which astounded everyone by going in!

Dx had been nominated team mascot a couple of weeks ago – and got to wear a “Team Mascot” shirt in yellow today (which I had found in a clear out of his clothes last weekend – still with the label on, bought totally coincidentally)