With the prospect of yet ANOTHER evening out this evening and a late night for the kids we knew we had to get them to have an afternoon nap. Luckily it wasnt a gloriously sunny day (as that would have been such a waste)

Usual feeding was followed by a trip to the local farmers market – not the kind where they sell jams and cheeses, the sort where they sell sheep and cows! We had missed the sheep auctions but caught some of the cattle ones. It was amazing to listen to the auctioneers little singsong – and to see how all the farmers DO look like farmers should look (tweed caps, barbours – even a couple of red knotted hankies round the neck or a pinstripe jacket, flat cap and wellies!) Would have loved to take some photos but we felt we stuck out enough as it was – being the only ones NOT wearing green/brown from head to foot…and I had a big camera bag. It would certainly have been pretty obvious if we started taking “candid” shots!

Quick drink in the pub with Farmer Richard and then home for fresh baked bread for lunch. While the kids slept Matt managed to wangle cutting the grass on the ride -on lawnmower (just outside the childrens bedrooms!! Luckily they were so tired they slept through it)