Sat down with the children and went through what food they will eat in their lunchboxes.

Sx is terrible at eating fruit and veg and tends to love his carbs.

Gx is great at eating fruit and veg but doesnt tend to eat anything substantial at lunchtime. He eats like a horse in the evenings – his catchphrase is “What else is there?” – but he is so skinny and bony we need to be filling him up and filling him out somehow. His “fruit and veg section overflowed (above) but he was the only one who managed that! Lx’s had one entry – bananas.

Lx will only eat a few things – but we did manage to get her to agree to a tasting session one weekend…

Dx is just as fussy as his sister 😦 He goes through phases of eating properly but its a battle most of the time.

Hopefully getting them to fill in their own forms of foods they like will help them “buy in” to the idea of eating whats in their lunchboxes more