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Most of the day was spent in a photoshop editing frenzy trying to finish off some outstanding shoots (3 shoots to go!).

After school was spent in a homework frenzy – trying to help 3 small children with understanding everything from division (“so if I have 8 pencils and we are going to SHARE them how many do we get?”) to the patterns formed by “tables without tens” ???? (which I thought was called “tables without tears”. Which so nearly wasnt true. For either of us! I didnt have a clue what half the questions were getting at so Sx needs to go ask his teacher)

The “Domestic Goddess Wannabee” part of me decided that during this time confined to the kitchen I should whip up a batch of goodies. Madness when I already had 4 children all doing different activities, dinner to cook and only one pair of hands.

I wanted to make flapjacks (I LOVE FLAPJACKS!) but the kids vetoed that idea 😦 so I thought I would go for cookies instead (which was approved by all – including Lx who shouldnt really get a vote as she won’t eat whatever I make). The first recipe I looked at (tried and tested) needed something we didn’t have so I decided to trawl through my new recipes on pinterest.

We ended up with something that turned out kind of like small oozy mishapen meringue. With chocolate bits and marshmallows in. With about 1/10 the amount of cocoa it was supposed to have (“Gx: These cookies look a bit like chicken pieces”).

The children were impressed with how they tasted though(Sx: “This is the nicest thing I have EVER tasted. Well – that YOU made”) but it was all a bit strange and not the least bit cookie like. Great with ice cream though. Just as well as we have enough left to stick their teeth together for another 3-4 evenings…

P.S. Dx today “I know what bunny rabbit is in Spanish – un conejo” I love that he is still so little he calls them “bunny” rabbits…yet knows the word in Spanish!