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Absolutely terrible morning at college where I felt like perhaps I should give up on photography and just take up something else instead. Although quite what I am not sure as my gardening/knitting/cooking skills are far worse than my photography skills! 😦

The day picked up considerably as my chest swelled with pride watching my older boys run in a cross country race in the afternoon. I was rubbish at cross country – I used to pop into a friend’s house for a cup of tea when we did it at secondary school and just join the others as they ran back. Perhaps why I never improved…

Sx is a natural runner – and enjoyed the race and came 42nd out of over 250…

I love the difference in expressions of Sx’s friend in the pair of photos above – lap one and lap two!!Also notice the footwear…

…Yep – Sx kicked off his loose shoe on the second lap of the field and ran the rest of the race with one shoe and one sock!

Gx lacks stamina and doesn’t enjoy long distance – but he makes up for it with sheer determination and despite not really enjoying it he put himself forward for it again this year and wants to see how he can do. He did really well today on the first race of the season, improving the distance he ran without needing to walk – and moving his position up through the runnersby quite a lot.

While we were at cross country – Lx was at ballet. And having moved up to the next class, this week she was issued with character skirt and character shoes. She LOVES dressing up so was twirling and whirling to show it off to me.

Time for PJs – and bed.

What about Dx? Oh don’t ask. Really.

Let’s just say there was whining and wining in equal amounts in our house tonight.