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365 Photo a day project…

“Monet’s Wet Monday”


The rambling…

Gx was nine today but had a bit of a strange birthday.

Sx and I set off at the crack of dawn in the rain for him to sit the entrance exam for a local school (even though he is 90% certain he doesn’t even want to go there…long story!) So Gx was still in bed when I left – although I did ring him before he went to school to wish him happy birthday.

The buildings at the school where the exam was are really beautiful – old brickwork and stained glass everywhere. They only take 112 boys each year – but there were around 500 there taking the exam – the place was teeming with eleven year olds! He wasn’t nervous as we walked u pto the school, until the point where parents were turned away and it was “boys only from this point” but I think he seemed to get over it quickly and was happy with how he did. We will hear at the end of the month.

I dropped him off at home – with him saying he didnt feel well so perhaps he is starting to come down with the bug that Matt and I have had all weekend – and went to pick up the others from school before I collapsed in bed feeling terrible and fell asleep straight away.

Gx’s planned meal out was postponed and Matt took them to McD’s instead. BIt of a rubbish birthday for Gx and feel terrible I have barely seen him all day. He was really sad about it too which made me feel even worse. Have promised an alternative birthday soon – with extra presents! – to make up for it

Have got up for some food – and to post and now back to bed…