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365 Photo a Day Project Photo



The rambling part…

A quiet day with not many photo opportunities .The rain came down all morning, the children were feeling a little off colour before school so while two of them crawled under duvets after school I dragged myself out to take the other two to swimming lessons.

As the weeks go by with the same rhythm – swimming, homework, cubs, drama/ballet, weekend…so I find myself in the same situation trying to take photos from one week to the next.  So I thought I would try to slice this week the other way – instead of a horizontal slice of the family, a vertical slice per day of each of the children in detail

so first up is Sx…

Eleven years old, about to finish at primary school this year. Our little whirlwind full of energy and questions Interested in anything and everything he reads reference books and encyclopedias from cover to cover at bedtimes. Currently writing a book “Animals of Europe” with one of his friends, obsessed with wildlife – especially birds. He loves to film (and has managed to get through 2 second hand video cameras this year) and wants to be a wildlife presenter when he grows up.

He enjoys every sport he can find time to play – currently just rugby and football and running and orienteering (in school). He would love to find time for athletics, tennis, basketball, cricket, table tennis – but the week just isn’t long enough.

He also loves music – currently learning piano and clarinet and with a real gift for playing by ear (and an aversion to reading music!) One day he will realise he can’t just memorise every piece of music and maybe then he will learn to read it properly. He sings in the school choir has performed solos at the school carol concert and at an interschool concert at the local theatre. Performing in front of others isn’t something which he gets nervous about at all – and he is keen to try out being in a play (more on that tomorrow when we discuss Gx)

He is the “boss” of all the children and none of them challenge that. He has enthusiasm and ideas to spare and wherever we go he will organise them all into games and adventures. He is EXTREMELY bossy though and things have to be done his way – its his game or no game so it is a good job we don’t have another child int he family with similar ideas or there would be fireworks!

He is the least affectionate of the four children, rarely asking for a cuddle from us even as a toddler. But at bedtime he surrounds himself with all the soft toys he has managed to gather – over the years or from the other children’s bedrooms. sometimes he even take his dressing gown to bed too just for a bit more softness to cuddle.

From the moment he opens his eyes (usually about 6am) to when he goes to sleep his mouth is constantly open – asking questions, recounting stories, singing, making owl noises (that drives me POTTY!!). It is a job to get a word in for the other children.

He has an amazing memory, is extremely focussed on everything he is interested in – but is able to switch off to the world around him while he thinks about things. It can be annoying after the fifth time each morning when we tell him to get his shoes on – or when he constantly just talks over people as he hasn’t noticed that they are talking.

In three words? Energetic, enthusiastic, exhausting!