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I thought nothing much happened today. I thought it was just a run of the mill day. And then I realised I was wrong. Today involved battles with superheroes, plans for adventures, the best food in the world and some exciting cuddles (we now have “quiet exciting cuddles” on the list – which are for playground use when I have to whisper “Wow! Wahayy! Woohoo!” so no-one else can hear our silliness!)

Sx is away on Sunday for a week’s residential trip with the school so we started to get his stuff together tonight so we can see what needs to be bought. Unfortunately  me trying to supervise him getting suitable clothes together (“no – I don’t think a white top is really suitable for a gorge walk do you???…no I don’t think taking three pairs of shorts and no trousers is a good idea for outdoor activities in October”) AND supervise Lx doing her homework AND try and sort out Gx and Dx arguing over who gets the computer/Wii didn’t make for a relaxing experience. So he decided he would rather do his packing with his Dad tonight.

This was the low point of the evening – him upset, me stressed, the two gamesplayers arguing, Lx feeling abandoned. But then (thank goodness!) it all picked up…

Sx happily helped type up Lx’s homework which she thought it was wonderful (“The woods had trees swaying in the cold wind  while squirrels climbed up their trunks. The birds fly quickly to their soft nest on this warm sunny day. The flowers are dancing in the breeze and the butterflies are fluttering.”)

Dx got on with killing the baddies in Harry Potter lego on the Wii (love the contrast of a small boy who still likes his Thomas the Tank Engine t shirts but knows how to operate the Wii far better than me!)

Gx looked online for what he wants to spend his birthday money on…

And I regained some “good mummy” points by cooking the boys’ favourite dinner (pasta bolognaise).