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It was my turn to watch Gx at football this morning while Matt stayed home with the others. We left early and the mist was all floating over the fields as a beautiful sunny day began. I had to focus on the football and try not to think about how beautiful photos would be of the mist, the dew, the horses in the next field in that light…!

However watching Gx was great today as he was a man of action – if you saw last Sunday’s post (rugby, rugby, rugby) you will appreciate the difference in these photos!

When we got back, I gave Sx a quick haircut – his hair looks like a carpet when it gets too long it is so thick  – and he looked so gorgeous when he came down from showering I had to take a photo. He is the hardest of the children to get a good picture of but I really like this one.

Of course then I HAD to take a photo of Gx too…

As we got in the car to go out,  the rain began but that was ok as we only needed to walk from the car park to the restaurant as we took the two boys out for a meal to their favourite restaurant – making the most of not having the two little fussy eaters with us (they are at their grandparents today) and also to spend some time with Sx before he goes off on his week long trip with school tomorrow.