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…let me count the ways. (OK so not QUITE the right quote but never mind 🙂 )

I have to say the Monday morning get ready for school chaos was remarkably peaceful this morning without my little whirlwind son.  All was quiet and calm.

But I was surprised to miss Sx at unexpected times today. First of all I came across his school shoes. Sitting all alone on the shelf after the others pairs had all gone to school…

Gx had to empty the dishwasher today as that is normally one of Sx’s morning chores…

At lunchtime I went to have a jam tart…and found Sx is the only one who likes the ones which are left – the apricot jam ones.

Then I got the swimming bags together and of course his was the first towel, hat and trunks that came to hand..

I was ok with him being away – it’s the not being able to talk to him and know what he is up to which is odd. its like when he started at pre-school and suddenly he was doing things and I didn’t know WHAT. Given how much Sx can talk at the best of times…he is going to need to talk a LOT to have us catch up on a week’s worth of news!!

Meanwhile in the letter posted this morning to him this morning with today’s “news”…JK Rowling having finished the Harry Potter series has written a new series of books to be made into films about a lego loving, football hating boy and wanted Gx to star. He was given an advance this afternoon and bought a house on the way home which has only a bed, a TV and a selection of Argos catalogues in it. Dx is happily training with the England rugby team and has met the Queen. “Apart from that there is not much happening here – quite a boring week. Hope it is more exciting where you are”