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365 Photo a Day Project Photo

“Sunset – World on Fire”


The rambling part…

I got to take Gx to football again this morning as Matt was clearing all his stuff out of the dining room ready for us to have visitors for lunch tomorrow. It was a misty morning so harder to see him when he was on the other side of the pitch – but every time I go to watch he seems more animated, more enthusiastic and to have enjoyed it more when we talk about it after.

(I wanted to go for a kind of painterly feel to this – those painters who do a blob for a head and a couple of lines for legs. Not sure if it just looks like I hadn’t had my coffee yet!? Still it is good to try new things..!)

“You lot follow me…”
“Gx come here a minute…”
“Lx Lx, just do this a sec”
“Mummy, just listen to this…”

Yes, Sx is home again. In his normal fashion he doesn’t recognise “exhaustion” but has just said he feels a bit funny. He came home desperate to get out his keyboard and play on it for the rest of the afternoon – while getting his siblings to help out where necessary! The “bom bom bom bada bom bom” of Queen’s “Under Pressure” is now throbbing in my head!!

By bedtime they were all cuddled up together as usual.