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365 Photo a Day Project Photo

“Only a Man….”
(…could have chosen WHITE shorts for the new football team kit. Whats wrong with BLACK shorts which don’t show the mud??!)


After school was “interesting” today. Sx had his first football match for the school (in their new pink match shirts!). The team have never played together – which showed compared with the opposition – but they still managed to win 4-2 and Sx scored one his friend set up and set one up for his friend to get in. Great teamwork!

Sx’s goal!

The match finished in time for us to go visit the four children’s teachers to discuss how they are getting on. Gx got a glowing report with nothing but praise and set a high bar for the following three meetings! Dx is still too little to be really learning much and being the youngest in the year is apparent in the level of his work. Apparently he “has the right attitude” though which is encouraging. Lx is doing really well (I read a story she had written all about “the smooth old-fashioned stones of the castle, glowing in the coloured light” Wow! Not bad for a girl with language difficulties!!)

Sx had a mixed report though as he still feels life is too short for some things – showers, tying his shoelaces…and putting full stops and capital letters on his sentences. We need to work on getting him to understand the importance of these little punctuation marks as otherwise it will hold him back.

Home too late for Gx to make football training – but he was far more excited about having a little time to play on his new Wii game  that he bought on his trip out with Janet and Nicola anyway!) But there was still plenty of time for Sx to get to his piano lesson…and therefore have another late night. One day there will be time for him to catch up on his sleep!! 😀