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365 Photo a Day Project Photo

(When I can get it worked out…it’s amazing!!)


The rambling part….

A morning at college (where the PCs didn’t work so our lesson had to be postponed) and then a quick trip round the garden with the new macro lens – this time with it set to manual focus…(how DO people with bad eyesight focus manually? My eyesight is getting worse and this lens requires such precision)

(in case you are wondering, its a spider’s web full of dew)

It was all going so well. I was on target to finish all the editing I had to do by half term. I was looking forward to celebrating by upgrading to Lightroom 4 and had bought some brushes in readiness (the photographers among you will appreciate the excitement in something so mundane!!) and there were only 2 days to go.

Then my PC caught a virus 😦

Really odd as i don’t know how – the brushes I bought were from a reputable site, I hadn’t done anything strange on the computer. But suddenly it was crashing , warning of low memory and the anti-virus software was flashing warnings every few seconds.

So no editing yesterday and now I am behind. I have no chance of getting it all done before we go away tomorrow and will still have it hanging over me when we get back (unless I take it with me?)

Still…on the plus side, I have a new lens. And I can use it to take pictures of Little Miss Lovely!

And Young Master Cutie is loving these pyjamas having buttons. For some reason it makes them feel so much more grown up.