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365 Photo a Day Project Photo

“Go West”


The rambling bit…
It was all going so well for our trip away…We had packed, the kids had been to the loo and were in the car. And then the car wouldn’t start.

Back into the house for the kids to have one more game on the Wii before leaving it for the week…

Lx had time to put her spellings into her new spellings test game on the Ipad ….

and I had time to take some photos of their boots (I LOVE their boots!!) Clockwise from top left, Lx, Gx Dx, Sx.

And time for Lx to just be her usually lovely self!

And Dx to look very grown up in his outfit

Eventually the breakdown man arrived and sorted out the flat battery…

and we set off far far later than planned (but at least we were in the warm, drinking coffee while we waited!)

And when we were nearly there we were driving towards the most BEAUTIFUL sunset so I snapped these though the windscreen (I wasnt driving!!)