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Photo a Day Project Photo

“Watermouth Castle – our home this week”


The rambling bit…
A beautiful sunny day at the castle today – to start with. It disintegrated into rain in the afternoon but I was in bed feeling sorry for myself by then so Matt took the children to wander round the wonders of Gnomeworld (part of the theme park in the grounds) and to the swimming pool ( in a separate building for use of guests).

I took todays 365 photo today – but the other photos are from yesterday when there was SO much going on I couldn’t possibly post them all!

After our visit to some of the rides yesterday it began to rain so we came back and enjoyed the pool instead. (For those who now about such things – the pool photos were shot at ISO 6400… I am trying to be braver about high ISOs but it is making me covet a new camera…!)

Then there were some fierce battles on the air hockey table.

Lx got VERY excited when she scored!

and they all thought it was hilarious when the air hockey puck flew off the table a few times and into the (empty of people) swimming pool and Daddy had to fish it out!

A few general portraits from the last couple of days…