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Photo a Day Project Photo

“My little model – I love her”


The rambling part…

After a quiet morning yesterday waiting for the theme park to open (it opens at 10.30 but the rides don’t open till 11.30) we decided we should get out early and go somewhere during the morning today. The plan was to go to the nearby beaches and then the associated soft play. Trouble was the children weren’t in the mood for the beach so we just went to the softplay.

It meant the grown ups got a couple of hours on the (very slow) internet for me to catch up on mails and the blog – and to have a wonderful hot chocolate with cream which came with a plate of “spare marshmallows” which I had every intention of giving to the children – but by the time they appeared…the marshmallows had disappeared. Whoops!

Afterwards we had a quick trip to buy pasties for lunch and home for the kids to have a nap as they were at the grumpy, obnoxious stage which indicates over-tiredness. The littlest one needed to be carried to his bed – and even the bigger ones happily went to sleep and needed waking 1.5 hours later. (Look how grand the hallway is!!)

(The view from the apartment…)

Then time for a dip in the pool before a quick tea and a trip to the bar for Matt’s birthday…