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365 Photo a Day Project Photo

“Bonfire Night Fireworks”


The rambling part…

Rain this morning – must be time to leave our castle wonderland…

We pulled in for petrol at a little petrol station in deepest darkest Devon – and found it was on of the few remaining where they put the petrol in for you. A little slice of history.

The good part was that it began to hail so a good time to find somewhere where Matt didn’t have to get out and could stay warm and dry. The bad part was me opening the passenger window for Matt to hand him the keys – and then getting drenched as I couldn’t shut it again!

Home mid afternoon after a long trip with tailbacks from roadworks and an accident. Time for the children to have an emotional reunion with the Wii 😀 and to watch the local firework display from the front garden before hot chocolate, marshmallows and bed (we havent told them we havent changed the clocks at home yet for the hour change 😉 We will change them before morning though)

The ones that got away…ten more photos from this week’s holiday to help us remember (mainly from the point-and-shoot camera so please excuse the quality!)

1. The Snail Ride in the theme park. Tee funniest ride ever. Giant snails take you on a circuit where the only thing of interest is going through a huge shed full of teddies! Teddies fishing, washing, doing acrobatics, on a carousel, having a picnic, taking photos, blowing out candles on a birthday cake…

2. Lx helping the magician on Halloween – she volunteered to help. Her confidence has come a long way!

3. Air Cannon Blasting. When we came to the castle a couple of years ago they had “water wars” (where you launch water filled balloons at each other from special catapults. It was fun – but freezing!). This year there is a new attraction where you launch foam balls at each other instead – in a nice warm building! A great improvement – but somehow not as satisfying as watching a balloon full of water burst over someone’s head!!

4. Dx managed to go in the swing boats – but only once and only if they were put on half speed/swing. The other times he went in he screamed so loud they stopped the ride and let him off!

5. The view from the apartment was just amazing. And we could see Wales across the water (that isn’t a misprint – I do mean the country – not the animals!)

6. Lx and Dx loved the carousel – they rode it as many times as they could – selecting different horses, balloons or carriages each time (and giving me a chance to try out some panning techniques!)

7 Sx still feels the need to practise his “ninja moves” wherever we go. It does give me the opportunity to try out the “high speed continuous” setting on the camera I guess…and it gets me lots of “Good Mummy” points when I produce something surreal he can use on his school home page!

8. This clock might LOOk attractive but it chimes on the hour every hour. It soon loses its appeal at 3am, 4am, 5am….

9. Sx. Just because lovely photos of him are hard to come by…

10. A chance to try some HDR photos of the view