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365 Photo a Day Project Photo

“Dx Does his bit for Movember”
(For those who don’t know what this is – look here http://uk.movember.com/about)


The rambling part…

Rugby training this morning in brilliant sunshine (which helped in part to make up for the mess up where I turned up, found none of Sx’s age group there and had to drive round the area looking for them after the Sat Nav took me to entirely the wrong place.

Haircuts for Gx and Dx in the afternoon. They both HATE having their hair cut as unlike Sx who I can use the clippers all over his head and its done in minutes – they have finer hair and if I clipper it all over, they look bald. So it takes a while – and there is lots of fine hair which falls in eyes, on noses and into open mouths as they ask one more time “are you nearly finished????”. It’s not fun for anyone involved – and the first step is putting a bottle of wine in the fridge 😀

Gx’s “before “photo here shows his “I SO don’t want to have a haircut” face