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“…and relax…”

The rambling bit…

Still laid low with a cold – which has now moved to my throat – much to the amusement of the children who love it when I can’t shout at them!

Swimming after school. In case I haven’t mentioned…

3.30 Sx, Lx and Gx come out from school. Sx goes back in for items he has forgotten and can’t live without.
3.40 Sx eventually comes out with everything and we rush to the car and drive the 5 minutes to the pool
3.45 Arrive. Collect 3 chairs and position with a view of the teaching pool.
3.50 Leave oldest children there and take Dx to get changed. Despair yet again that the disabled toilet is out of order (still) and take Dx into the incredibly smelly main toilets instead.
4.00 – Dx lesson (level one – red hat) starts and Gx eats his packed tea sat wth me and Lx while I watch Dx and Sx wanders off to talk to friends.
4.20 – Sx goes to get changed (Which is in the big pool so I can’t watch. Level 5 – purple hat)and I get Lx changed
4.30 Dx out – Lx in. Get Dx changed
4.40 Watch Lx’s lesson (level two – orange hat).
4.50 Get Gx to go and change for his lesson (Which is in the big pool so I can’t watch. Level 4 – green hat)
4.55 Move all our stuff (packed teas, my book, bag of gameboys, Dx swimming bag, 6 coats…) up away from the viewing area to the cafe
5.00 Take Dx with me to get Lx from her lesson
5.10 – Give Lx, Dx and Sx their packed tea. Get myself a “free swimschool coffee”. If they go off and play or get the gameboys out – I get a few minutes with my book. Bliss.
5.40 Gx arrives and we go home

Yep – Mondays are all go. But when we get home they are all fed and we can just relax. For a while we only had two pairs of goggles and so each part of the above elaborate dance also included the passing of the correct goggles from the child leaving the pool – to a child entering the pool. Morris dancing had nothing on our intricate footwork!

Sx has football tomorrow – after buying up half the supermarket’s stain removal products…

…I managed to get his shorts white this week. Phew. Last time I could NOT get the mudstains out and am apparently in trouble with the sports teacher (who is not exactly popular with me either for choosing white shorts!!)


“Day 12 – Drink”