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When he came out from school, Dx fell over in the playground. He had a really serious ( 🙂 ) cut to his hand which he thought looked for a while as if we might need to rush him to hospital or amputate (In case you cant see it – that’s the cut to the left of the black marks on his palm…)

Luckily we found the biggest plaster to put on it – and within 30 minutes when the plaster fell off – wow it was all better!

Lx had a friend round tonight so they investigated her make up “treasure box” as per usual…

I suspect Lx’s friend Amy was a little overwhelmed by the noise and general party atmosphere of tea at our house – including Gx deciding to add a face to his chocolate mousse!

#fmsphotoaday –  “Manmade”

Matt made dinner tonight 😉