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365 Photo a Day Photo


The rambling part…

Lovely day today on a photography workshop at London’s Wetlands Centre. Sx was SO jealous when he found where I was going. Luckily for him my first question to the tutor was “do you do courses for children?” and it looks like he might run something for Sx and his friends.

The other good news for Sx was there was an informal competition between the attendees to come up with the best “composition” in their photos today. I managed to win (woohoo!) and the prize was a book on “Wildlife in London” written and photographed by the tutor – and which I got signed to him.

(In case you are looking at the above photo and wondering how I won with “that” – I have to admit it was a slow day for wildlife at the wetlands centre!)

There may be more of these tomorrow…;) (By the way – today’s photos were taken with the “old” camera as I thought I had enough to think about today without adding trying to work out how to use the nw camera)

Meanwhile while I was gallivanting and enjoying myself (well – apart from the bit where I spent 90 mins on the motorway coming home in rush hour London traffic!) the children went into school in pyjamas for “Children in Need” charity day. Matt organised taking them in, picking them up and taking a photo for me.

(Before I left I asked him to take these as I needed to leave early. When I reviewed the ten he took – and the silly faces they had pulled,  I discovered that they weren’t as well-behaved for their Daddy behind the camera as they are for me!!)

PS That huge “suitcase” on the floor – that’s Lx’s cornet. That small black bag Sx has in his hand half hidden – that’s his clarinet. Guess which instrument I would recommend your child learning? (Clue #2: You can’t play a cornet quietly)