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365 Photo a Day Project Photo
“Redheaded Rock Chick”


…and all the little ducks came swimming back.All the children came back home today.

After a quiet night with just Dx in the house, Lx came back from her sleepover this morning having had a fantastic time staying up late having a bedroom feast and then getting up early. She was shattered though!

Normal service was soon resumed- her on the Ipad and Dx on the Wii (although they did play together for a while – Dx is DESPERATE for people to play with him – as long as they understand they are not under any circumstances allowed to beat him! It does tend to put people off a little!)

At present Dx is obsessed with the Wii “Skylanders” game he got for his birthday. The little characters have to be put on the “Portal of Power”. This one is called “Drill Sergeant”

Mid afternoon the two older boys came home from cub badge camp. Gx had been tired and in a grumpy mood when he left on Friday…and he came home in the same mood. By the time they had travelled back in the car (10 minutes) he had decided to leave home!

(He soon came back when he realised how cold it was outside – but it took quite a while for the bad mood to disappear)

Luckily Sx had enjoyed his weekend and was in a good mood – and even emptied the dishwasher for us.

Family dinner of toad-in-the-hole (thanks to Best of Two Sisters for giving me the inspiration 😉 )