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365 Photo a Day Project Photo



The rambling part…

Editing photos for college this morning – so much more pressure when you are involved in a “group” project to get things right. Suppose we lose marks because “I” got it wrong – gulp!

But I discovered the bids are back in the garden – even the goldfinches which had deserted us for the past months. Time to go back to my armchair birdwatching 🙂

Unfortunately the thieves are back too – the squirrels and the magpies have remembered our address!

We make Christmas cards every year (a sponge painting and finger painting design which involves participation by all of the children) and as Gx is away this weekend – he and I set about stage 1 of this years cards.

50 pink Santa faces later…

Meanwhile “educational or energetic games only” on a Wednesday has sunk in – it may not be as popular as “play whatever you like” but they are getting on with it. Lx and Dx played all kinds on the Wii Fit..

and the boys did some construction work on Roblox (yes I know – not  the most “educational” game in the world but after Gx doing the Christmas cards I thought I would keep quiet 😉 )