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365 Photo a Day Project Photo
“His Hero”


The rambling part…

I came home earlier than expected from a day at the local spa to find Matt with my new camera round his neck and a sheepish expression! He had been trying to take a photo of the latest of Sx’s teeth to fall out – he thinks it’s number 13.

I was really pleased with Sx when I got home. He has been getting weekly reports from school as his presentation and punctuation his appalling. He needs to get in the habit of putting capital letters and full stops and at the moment is just lazy about it. This week he didn’t get any “sad” faces which is a big improvement. I was so proud of him.

Lx was on the Ipad as usual and apparently when she plays “Temple Run” she manages to go 8500m whereas Matt and Sx have only managed best scores of 4000! It is all about very quick reactions, making sure that she swipes in the right direction at the right time – so its an excellent result for a little girl with dyspraxia!

(Sorry – couldn’t resist! I realised I hadn’t got any shots of Sx’s eyelashes :D)