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365 Photo a Day Project Photo

“Leaf Raking”


The rambling part…

Rugby pitch flooded so another lazy morning with no rushing anywhere. One of the main events today…was some hand painting in preparation for Christmas wreaths the children need to decorate for school. Dx is making a mini version of a wreath we hang on our front door every year made of Sx and Gx’s handprints. So today he did the handprint part (although he HATES getting paint on his hands!)

Lx has no problems getting paint on her – and decided to do a big painty picture afterwards with the leftover paints.

Meanwhile Sx and Gx auditioned for “Seussical the musical” this afternoon. Drama is really Gx’s “thing” but this year we relented and let Sx audition (as they both wanted him to). Sx has been obsessed with practising all week (as is his way). Gx has been very up and down about the whole thing (as is HIS way!). The both had meltdowns an hour before their auditions with tears and confidence issues. So proud of them both or pushing through and actually going to the auditions. Both messed up a bit with forgetting words to songs  – but I don’t care. They are so pleased they managed to go – and so am I.

PS Lx’ hair just grows and grows…