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“Yin and Yang”


The rambling part

Spent a little while in the garden trying to get to grips with my macro lens today. I don’t know why I am having such problems with it (why I am not yet achieving award winning results!???! Surely its simple?) but I even got the dreaded tripod out today as advised by those who know.

The results were better with a tripod…but still not how I want them!

Sx learnt to knit at cub badge camp the other weekend so has been nagging me to provide him with some needles and wool. Thanks to a knitting friend who lent me the essentials, this evening Sx began his knitting project (it never ceases to amaze me the varied interests he finds and how much effort he puts into them! At present he is hoping to knit a blanket…it may be like me when I was younger and turn into a Teddy scarf!)

And in late news…we heard BOTH boys have call backs for solo parts in the Seussical musical. They are being considered for the Wickham Brothers and have to learn a new song and new words for Sunday for another audition. So pleased for them that their hard work and courage paid off!