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The rambling part

I was almost in tears myself this morning seeing Sx so unhappy about going to his rugby training. He loves rugby and it used to be his favourite thing in the world. We moved clubs for him to have more of a challenge at a club which has more than one team per age group (and also because they would allow Gx – who is not particularly keen – to be able to play at his own pace too)

Unfortunately we have watched a lot of Sx’s confidence and enjoyment ebb away over the seasons. He plays for the A team but they are coached hard and take it VERY seriously. Last season he chose to play for the Bs as he felt he was letting the As down (after some comments from both team”mates” and coaches).


This year he chose to try out for the As again and was selected. But so far he has been named “sub” every week. It makes him feel (in his words) the “worst on the team”  and prompted me to write an email to the head coach yesterday to ask if they couldn’t consider swapping the subs round (especially for friendly games) in order to create a more unified team feeling and stop it feeling like “the team” and “the subs”. Its not about how much he is on the pitch – as they do play the subs – it about feeling included.

Anyway – we went to training today and a friendly fixture against one of Sx’s old clubs and he played his heart out. I had a quick word with one of the other coaches when we got there and he kept an eye and gave some encouragement and praise.

But you would not have known he had been in tears pleading not to go – he put his all into it as ever. He played brilliantly, the best I have seen him play for a while. He came off for a break after an hour and gave it “5/10” for how much he was enjoying it – but by the end of the session and some more compliments from a parent and another coach this had gone up to 9/10.


He is often bossy and self-absorbed but under that exterior – he is actually very worried about his own abilities and about letting people down – and it makes such a huge difference to him to get some kind words and reassurances. I am so proud that when it was tough and scary and his tummy hurt with worry – he got through it and ended up making it such a positive experience.

He ate lunch in the car, came home and showered and then went to the first 3 hour rehearsal for “Seussical”. Both boys came home thrilled that their parts are a lot bigger than they imagined and that the woman who cast them has said they “nailed it” at the auditions.

P1200234(2)A busy day – but hopefully one which will have he  helped his confidence in himself.