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365 Photo a Day Project Photo

“The Cutest Little Stable Lad in the West”


The rambling part…

How odd – only two likes on yesterday’s post? I’m not really getting greedy but normally macro shots seem to be more popular than shots of my children. Perhaps I have saturated the market with my frosty macros! (Or perhaps wordpress has lost me down the back of the couch!)

Anyway, today was another morning at college (discovering the anatomy of large format cameras) followed by a delightful hour watching 120 5-7 year olds doing their Christmas play. As my 1/120th of this was only on the stage for a little while I had volunteered to take photos for the school of the enture production (which earns me a front row seet in return for a few hours of editing!)


Dx was brilliant – he has come a long way since he sat at his pre-school Easter concert without een opening his mouth. He had been promoted from pig to goat to stable lad (aka cowboy line dancer) as rehearsals progressed. I am not sure how he managed that but I am so glad he did as he was wonderful singing and dancing his heart out to a funny little song. I couldnt tell you the chorus but it involved little wiggles and beckoning and (in his case) a smile which melts my heart every time.


The enormity of only having one more Christmas play left after this hit me half way through and I frantically had to think of other things before I began to snivel 😦 THose days go too quickly.

Aplologies for the “sameness” of todays images. But really – how could I choose between them????