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365 Photo a Day Project Photo

“Like Mother Like Daughter”


The rambling part…
Gx had a party this morning but we kept Sx home from rugby as we felt it was too much of a rush to get him back home in time for today’s main event…the pantomime!



We went to see Beauty and the Beast – starring one of the little children’s favourite TV performers – Justin! For them it’s as good as watching the Queen perform on stage – he is just as famous in their eyes and they loved it.

P1200278(2)It is the third year he has been in pantomime here and he is already booked for next year too – which is fine by us as they are consistently good, traditional and funny – with songs the children know and a good mix of jokes for the children and the adults.

We even got snowed on!
P1200284(2)It had been a tough day as Sx had decided he hated me 😦 he wanted to move out, find a new family – or even better if I could move out as he got on with everyone else in the house and would like to stay with them but didn’t want to be with me. He is very upsetting when he gets like this (brought on by me asking him to pick up his underwear from the bedroom floor and put it in the wash basket  – oh cruel mother that I am!)

Eventually after the pantomime he came over to hug me and apologise but there was some serious mother-son bonding needed so I suggested we go to Nando’s on the way home.

I had some photos taken with him – normally he is the one pulling faces so I didn’t tell him I was doing it – and it did bring the first genuine laugh of the afternoon from him when he reviewed the photos. 🙂 More photos, a chicken burger and fries and unlimited frozen chocolate yogurt and I think we are friends again.


Lx despaired of me making silly faces – and Sx when he joined in!!

Dx of course finds it nearly impossible to look anything but cute in photos!





Home to see the outdoor lights up at the house for the first evening this year (the tree has grown since we last had them up – need more lights for it now!!)