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The rambling part…

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Matt set off for a couple of days in London early this morning leaving the children to have breakfast with me in a change to normal routine. They are actually really good in the mornings- as long as Sx is kept occupied.


He loves at least 3 bowls of cereal to set him up for the day which keeps him at the table longer than the others – and then has the daily job of emptying the dishwasher which helps too with using up his time. As soon as he is left to his own devices though he starts “playing” with the younger children. It is usually good natured and with good intent – but he gets them so hyped up it always leads to trouble, arguments and tears! This morning was a good morning though.


This afternoon was the annual school carol concert for years 3-6 so I had 3 of the children in it this year. Sx had managed to get a solo (both boys auditioned) so I got there early to try and get a seat with a view. Despite the church being half filled b the time we got in (with people who had helped walk the children from school to church) I was lucky to get an aisle seat – and at the far end of the aisle perfectly in the centre – was Sx. And occasionally I could even see Gx just behind him. They sang beautifully throughout and Sx looked so comfortable singing to a big audience (although he did admit afterwards he had flt nervous just beforehand). Such a shame that this is his last year at this concert.


Then off to swimming and home for some TV…

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