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“Dinton Pastures”


The rambling part…
Walk round Dinton Pastures this morning then had mince pie doughnuts and mulled non-alcoholic wine at a friend’s.


After school both Lx and Dx got invited to their friends’ houses for tea leaving me with just the two older boys to take home.

Sx still had homework (and had tales of woe about being kept in all lunchtime to do homework he hadnt got round to doing – and of being made to do it without the workbook that went with it…?)


Gx was lucky enough to have no homework so he wrote his Christmas cards insteadKN3A9483(2) KN3A9479(2)   KN3A9490(2)

Went to go and pick up the little ones from their friends’ and saw Santa on his pre-Christmas Eve tour of the area as we set off. We picked them up, rushed home and got a camera and some money for his collection and set off to find him..

P1200355(2) P1200352(2)