Wow what a lovely Christmas present! I found this morning I have been nominated for “A VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD” by wonderland by tatu

blog award This is my first award and I was thrilled  – even more so when I saw myself described as:

teamharman a sample of the life of a family with four kids in the UK along with some of the most beautiful pictures I came across in the blogging world.

Thank you so much to wonderland by tatu for nominating me. If you haven’t been by her blog – go and enjoy a wonderful mix of parenting, photos and cooking 🙂

so the rules for receiving the award are:

The Rules
1.Display the award logo on your blog.
2.Link back to the person who nominated you.
3.State 7 things about yourself.
4.Nominate 15 bloggers for this blog and link to their pages.
5.Notify these bloggers of the nomination and the awards’ requirements.

7 things about myself

1. Photography is not a hobby for me it is turning into an obsession
2. After photography my next big passion is holidays and I have a “wish list” spreadsheet of holidays for the next x years till the kids leave school. We live on soup and beans all year so we can go on more holidays!
3. I cry at everything – good or bad! (With 4 children there is a lot of both!)
4. I was never someone who was sure about wanting children. Till I had one. Then I enjoyed it so much I had 4.
5. I read about the death of photographer Jen Burgess Thompson from cancer leaving two young sons. Her legacy is to encourage Mums to be in the photos with their children more and not hide behind the camera due to bad hair days, needing to lose weight, mismatched clothes etc. You never know what the future holds and your children want to be able to remember YOU through photos of their childhood just as you want to remember them. I can’t nominate her on here – but she sure inspired me to try and include myself more.
6. I am not dyslexic but my keyboard needs cleaning so please excuse the typos that the spellchecker doesn’t pick up on!
7. There are jokes which I can hear time and time again for years and they will make me laugh every time. Often they arent’t even that funny and other people might not laugh at them the first time!

15 bloggers to be nominated – please have a little look at the list and maybe go visit some!

1. Best of two sisters – my all time favourite blog on here. Wonderful wonderful family photos from two lovely sisters. Keep a look out for weekly favourites such as Sunday Soups, Quiet Quotes and (my favourite) Friday’s Weekly Wonders

2. Sethsnap – a blog  choc full of inspirational photos on a wide variety of subjects (but my favourites are his amazing landscapes)

3. The 365 Days of me – 365 days of photos of the same man! The blogger Andrew Parent. He has nearly finished his 365 so go enjoy while you can. I can’t believe he has managed to come up with nearly 365 different photos of himself!!

4. Raising my rainbow – a very different blog about a family with “a fabulously gender creative son”. It is not something I have any personal experience of – or have ever considered hugely before – but I am always full or admiration for the way this family balance their little boy’s need to be “him” with his need to be accepted in a world which has stereotypes. I have found it a truly inspirational blog.

5. Jessica Maree is coping with the death of her sister by writing her feelings, memories of their time together and expressing her journey through her grief in a blog. What a wonderful way to remember someone.

6. Leanne Cole Photography – more great photos and some wonderful tips on processing techniques. If you are interested in improving your editing (or simply love good photos!) – go check her out.

7. Follow the Light – more great photography and some lovely landscapes

8. H2O by Joanna – the first blog I ever followed on wordpress. Joanna is doing a 365 Photo a Day Project – but every day her photo features water. I find it hard enough doing a photo a day so I don’t know how she manages to be so creative and include water! She is nearly done on her project so do go check it out.

9.Transcending Borders Blog – some wonderful inspirational quotes and words.

10. Gin plus tonic – some wonderful photos and some lovely sentiments in her blog

11.Anika Alonzo – one of my favourite wordpress photographers. Some beautiful images of her family (among other subjects)

12. Half past normal – a truly inspiring blog by a mum of a family including two children with special needs. Upbeat, often funny, sometimes sad, always heartwarming.

13. Adele Humphries – I found Adele through the clickinmoms website where I go getting inspired by all the great mom photographers and their photos (Check out the daily project on their site for a little bit of daily inspiration). Adele’s photos really struck a chord with me so I was thrilled to see she blogs at wordpress as it makes it so easy to follow her and go see when there are new photos to admire.

14. Naia – how cool is this? Naia’s trying to turn her life into that of a 1950s housewife. Can you imagine it? Go check out her journey!

15.My Days Can Count – great blog about a family – featuring some lovely photos, some great recipes and lots of posts I can relate to with my own family.