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365 Photo a Day Project Photo
“Christmas Tree”

The rambling part…

No time to ramble too much – there’s wrapping to be done πŸ™‚ Today the children finished school for the holidays. We took them to McDonalds but the drive thru was too busy so Matt went and got their order.


Then we drove round the area finding the best decorated houses we could while they munched their chips! KN3A9727(2) KN3A9729(2) KN3A9735(2)


KN3A9900(2) KN3A9882(2) KN3A9890(2) KN3A9844(2) KN3A9841(2) KN3A9837(2) KN3A9834(2) KN3A9828(2) KN3A9798(2) KN3A9795(2) KN3A9782(2) KN3A9779(2) KN3A9771(2) KN3A9754(2) I got a bit creative doing abstracts of some of the lights…

KN3A9811(2) KN3A9818(2) KN3A9816(2) KN3A9815(2) KN3A9813(2) Then I got a bit creative doing the same thing with the streetlights/car lights/traffic lights on the road!


KN3A9860(2) KN3A9847(2) KN3A9846(2) KN3A9845(2)