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365 Photo a Day Project Photo


The rambling part…
The children went off to the pantomime with my parents this afternoon leaving me at home wrapping presents, decanting homemade raspberry vodka into bottles, writing the last Christmas cards, making lists, discovering what is still left to do and trying hard not to come down with some bug which is threatening to topple me.

I also emptied the children’s school bags and found all the lovely things they have been making at school…

Gx had made “my first pop up card ever” and in true diplomatic style had addressed his card to everyone – or in his case “to familie”


He also made a tree decoration but it has suffered some injuries on the trip home in his bag and needs a little surgery!


This Christmas message in Spanish from Dx brought a tear to my eye (he learns Spanish at school). The other children were really impressed until Dx said “Did you really like my French then Mummy?”

(In case you can’t make it out it says “feliz navidad para mama y papa, saludos ”

KN3A9949(2)(I have to admit I am not sure what everything on the front is though -I can make out the star but…)


He had also made a reindeer and a snowflake


Dx had made a card for us on the computer – but I am guessing his time in the ICT room ran out before he finished the text on the front!

KN3A9921(2) KN3A9923(2)Lx has finished a term of cheerleading – I don’t know how she got on but she has really enjoyed it (although currently she dosnt want to continue next term but wants to try netball instead! We can see how she feels after Christmas)


While I was doing a “crafty” post I tought I would include this drawing Gx did recently. A little girl with really long hair? It has to be his sister! He loves his drawing and at bedtime while Sx reads for a while before sleeping, Gx loves to sketch. He has a real eye for how things look and what looks good and I wonder if he will end up doing something to use that skill in his career.


Sx has creaed a little wildlife “club” with two of his friends called “Animals of Europe” where they have a mini website within the school site with forums, quizzes and badges you can earn. He has also done about 100 pages of a wildlife book to accompany it. For Christmas he and I created some word art for the other founder members. I think it turned out pretty well 🙂KN3A9913(2)