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365 Photo a Day Project Photo

“Spreading a little love”


Today my aim was to try and take some “shaped bokeh images” (in among going into town for last minute bits and pieces with Gx for our “mother and son” lunch, Sx going to bowling for his football Christmas party and all of us going to friends for the evening. It was busy and I had to bundle 3 children in the car with the DVD of “Elf” to watch to enable me to find the time!)

If you have never tried it, this is how to produce this kind of image..

If you switch to manual focus on a DSLR camera, point at Christmas lights (for example) and deliberately make them unfocused, you end up with lovely circles of light (see Friday’s post).

If you cut a hole in some black card and tape it to the front of your lens or lens hood, the light will appear whatever shape you cut out ie if you cut out a heart shape, you end up with every light looking like a little heart.

I’m still a bit at the trial and error stage with this as I was in a bit of a rush (so much going on!) so I do hope to try again but one thing I DID find, was that its much easier with shapes where it doesn’t matter which way up they are (like my stars below). Otherwise you have to move the card round if you turn your camera on its side…

All the photos below are of normal “round” Christmas lights (and are of the same lights featured on Friday)


KN3A0144(2) KN3A0116(2) KN3A0106(2) KN3A0140(2) KN3A0136(2) KN3A0143(2) KN3A0121(2) KN3A0099(2) KN3A0104(2) KN3A0127(2) KN3A0098(2) KN3A0093(2) KN3A0072(2) KN3A0092(2) KN3A0090(2) KN3A0065(2) KN3A0088(2) KN3A0091(2) KN3A0062(2) KN3A0059(2) KN3A0058(2) KN3A0051(2) KN3A0043(2)