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The day of rest went down so well yesterday, we had another one today 🙂

Dx and Lx were a little under the weather and had naps to try and get them up to full health. We introduced the older boys to the old “Airplane” film (which they found hilarious) while the little ones napped.

I was going to make a chicken ham and corn pie with the leftovers from Christmas but was thwarted by a lack of corn till the online shop arrives tomorrow so I just made the sauce and mixed the meat in for now.

KN3A1220(2)Watched Home Alone 2 – Lost in New York in the evening before bed…and then Dx got an earache about 10 minutes after going to bed. By the time I got him downstairs he was SCREAMING with pain. Matt had gone out so I dosed him up with Calpol and gave him a wrapped hot water bottle to hold against it but the screaming was unrelenting. Eventually I gave him ibuprofen on top (I had been hoping to spread it out) and after another half hour he became calm enough to take to bed and get him to sleep with me.

Sx had an earache a few years ago and it is the worst pain I have heard my children in. Dx was no better poor little thing.