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“Small Boy – Big Bed”


Dx woke up after everyone else and we knew he was awake from the cries coming from upstairs. his earache was better but his legs hurt and he had tried to get out of bed only to find he couldn’t put any weight on his feet.

We thought perhaps he had slept so deeply under the influence of the drugs that his legs had gone to sleep and just let him rest for the morning. At lunchtime he went to go for lunch and crumpled on the floor as he tried to stand. We put him to bed for a nap but he was just as bad afterwards so we set off to the out of hours Doctor.

We were warned of a 1.5 hour wait so I took the iPad for Dx and a book for me but he wasnt too under the weather to concentrate on the iPad and was just bored. He was in quite good spirits, quite chatty and laughing at my jokes but just couldn’t stand. After a couple of hours, the out of hours Dr saw him and was mystified and sent us to Accident and Emergency.

P1210003(2)We saw a nurse after about an hour who dosed him up with Paracetemol and put some “magic cream” on his hands in case he needed any blood tests when he saw the consultant.


Another hour passed in the waiting room before we saw a consultant who had just heard all the details and was about to examine him when she was called away to an emergency. We were allowed to wait in the triage cubicle while waiting for the paged paeditrician to come and see him.


We played “Eye Spy” using the fantastic wall murals for inspiration.


We then saw a wonderful SHO who won Dx over and checked everything out while explaining to me what he was doing and how everything was looking good at each stage. His legs moved as they should, the nerves seemed ok, the joints weren’t swollen, everything looked good…until he asked Dx to try and walk. Then he could barely stand on tiptoe, his legs all bent out of shape and he was obviously in great pain. Time for a blood test 😦

Dx was so good about it (he and I looked at a dinosaur book while they took the blood from his hand and he didn’t even wince.


He even managed to find me a heart in the bookΒ  – how brave is he!!


He got a special plaster and they told us we would be staying the night to keep an eye on him.


I have done really well not to ever have any of the children stay in hospital before – I tried to sell it to Dx as being a special experience. He played on the iPad while we waited for Matt to come in with my overnight bits and some food for us both as we were STARVING!