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KN3A7550(2)There was no snow overnight despite the forecast so I thought we were off to rugby but neither boy wanted to go.


So instead we stayed home and had pancakes for brunch (even Lara who tried using a knife and fork which she rarely needs with her restricted diet). It would have been a huge rush if we had gone to rugby as Sx and Gx had to be at their first “proper” rehearsal for Seussical at 12:00 which would have meant leaving rugby early and getting changed and eating lunch on the way there – and them being on the go from 10.00 to 4.00.

Instead they got to relax in the morning listening to all the Seussical songs on endless loop, eat pancakes and set off calmly.

KN3A7569(2)Dx has a little birthmark on his left foot. I have told him it is where I kissed him when he was a baby. Each of the children has a little mark like this somewhere – they like the idea it is a permanent reminder of me kissing them

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