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KN3A7982(2)I thought Sx was fine yesterday – just a bit quiet (although he did sleep for a couple of hours in the afternoon). But this morning he said his orange juice tasted odd and “could he go back to bed after breakfast”. I didn’t feel great either do we both went back to bed once the others went to school – and slept for nearly two hours!


By the evening he was feeling quite a bit better but I was still struggling. He offered to run me a bath which I thought was so sweet (until I realised he was after my laptop while I was gone!). He was gone ages still telling me it wasn’t ready yet. In the end I went to investigate – and eralised I should maybe have told him you need to put the plug in!! By then most of the hot water was used so I only managed a quick tepid bath – not the luxurious wallowing I was hoping for!

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