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KN3A8264(2)The week started on a high on Monday with us hearing Sx had been elected as house captain of Simmonds house (helped in part by his fantastic speech (worth the late night on Thursday then!). I am really pleased for him as he has tried to be school council every year and always ended up as runner up.

All the children have been given badges to how which house they are in – another thing to remember to take in the mornings!!


On Wednesday the week was still going well when I met with Lx’s speech therapist and we agreed she could go down to just one visit a term. She had weekly visits from an SLT when she started school 3 years ago – she has come a long way to be going down to only 3 visits a year!

On Thursday there was a bit of a downturn –

I found out that Dx had moved to the “red” zone at school (they start in gold, then yellow, then orange, then red. I was in helping with the class and spoke to the teacher that day who said he is regularly in trouble and easily distracted.


It is hard as he is only little and doesn’t really focus – but being one of the youngest in the class obviously he needs to catch up too and messing about doesn’t help. I had a chat with Dx at bedtime – when he burst into tears and said he found school really hard and couldn’t do any of it and other people get him into trouble. I asked Sx to have a “big brother” talk to him and he was really good and together they agreed Dx would do a card for the teacher to apologise. (Sx had a bit of a skid on the astro turf at football training tonight – ouch!!)


On Friday morning they made the card and Dx was full of good intentions…So after school I was even less impressed to be called in to school at the end of the day to hear Dx had been fighting AGAIN and had been taken to see the headteacher (where he had cried and cried apparently). Dx’s teacher was really cross with him and we said we would start imposing punishments at home if he doesn’t pick up and start behaving better.


Then we came home and despite her having had a great time with Lucy last week – this week Amy came to tea and Lx was back to not wanting anything to do with her friends when they come over. I had to pull Dx from drawing a sorry card for the boy he fought with and get him to play with Amy as Lx was sulking , refusing to play and then took herself off to bed for a while.


Oh well – the start of the week was great!!

(PS These photos of Dx are the faces I got when I asked him to pull a “sad and very sorry” face! I am not entirely convinced he understands the whole “being good/being in trouble” thing yet!)

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