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8/2/2013 – school disco.

Unfortunately as we were in such a rush to get there as I was helping – I didn’t get a photo of Lx in her lovely sparkly dress and had to take one later when she had taken it off.


9/2/2013 – wet football…

So we stayed home and played with playdo. We found the haircut playdo set and Lx and Dx had great fun shaving their people’s playdo hair off. Dx also made me a heart – I haven’t had a heart from him in a while.

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10/2/2013 – mega wet rugby

So the boys came home early caked in mud. Unfortunately Matt didn’t take the camera with him so no photos of them fully dressed in muddy kit. I was just glad to have got the dry indoor shift today!

Sx looks like a thug when dirty (and the nosebleed helped add to the image). Gx just looks like a lovely boy wearing some mud for effect!!