So its going to get a bit messy and a bit higgeldy piggeldy…but here is the start of me catching up.

Sunday 17th March

The day started early as Sx and Matt had a run to do and the rest of us wanted to go along and support them Given that Matt has done the full half marathon before he thought it would be a doddle but ended up having to let Sx go off ahead as he knew he was holding him back. I think there will be some training schedule put in place before next year’s one! Sx is already looking forward to some regular running sessions with his Dad.

green park challenge(2)

Later that day Lx had her own challenge. She has physical and psychological issues with food and we have been seeing a specialist. She has built up to being able to eat a little bit of pizza so we went to Pizza Hut for her to try “pizza in a restaurant” She only managed 1.5 tiny slices but such a huge achievement for her – and I hope she will be able to repeat it when we are on holiday.

lara pizza(no text)

Friday 22nd March

Gx set off for two nights on a trip with the school to the Isle of Wight. He took it all in his stride in his usual understated way – but we did have to make a quick detour for home when we realised Teddy hadn’t got packed this morning 😉


Lx gave back her cornet today she has had since September. The school are part of a government schme where the children get music lessons free for two terms. I can’t say she ever really got to grips with the cornet, and we won’t miss the noise but I am glad she had the opportunity to try it – she has enjoyed the experience.