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“Because…it’s a special moment when you learn to cross the monkey bars”


A beautiful blue sky and sunshine today. Unfortunately for most of the day I was stuck inside trying to unpack, sort out washing, arrange for new credit cards to be delivered (the old one was lost on holiday) and sort out other financial chores.


And unfortunately for the boys – Tuesday is homework night so they couldn’t dash straight out (mean Mummy!)


But after the homework was done, an opportunity for Gx to go to football training, Sx to go for a run with his Dad and for Dx to show off to Lx how he can now cross the monkey bars. It is lovely whn the sun s out on these beautiful evenings and they can play outside and aren’t cooped up indoors.


And a chance for Lx to show that having your pyjamas on should never stop you from joining your brother on the climbing frameKN3A8190(2)TOS

And then a chance for Sx to catch up with his Roblox group and be sure that all is running ok.