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We have had such a lovely chilled out weekend this weekend. It starting with Gx volunteering to take on making this mornings pancakes…

KN3A0345(2) KN3A0346(2)which everyone enjoyed – and as Sx is away at my parents, I was able to sit and join them (hopefully soon the dining room will be usable again for us to all sit together more often)

KN3A0351(2)Then it was time for haircuts for Gx and Dx – as you can tell from the photo of Gx cooking, his hair NEEDED a cut!(normally they make FAR more fuss bout this than they did today. I got away lightly. They hate it as their hair is so fine it takes me a while. Sx has hair so thick I can use the clippers all over – but theirs is so fine they would look bald if it was that short on top)

KN3A0362(3)milkDx an Lx had a bath to wash all the hair off him. He does so love his baths – and there is only so long he will be little enough to swim in the bath šŸ˜€

KN3A0356(2) KN3A0357(2) KN3A0366(2) KN3A0369(2)And then time to see if I could beat yesterday’s “bunny” lunch. Today’s is supposed to be a bird!

KN3A0373(2)Later we drove to my parents to pick up Sx – and have a roast dinner with my them. We didn’t get back till 9pm and the children were all in bed asleep by about 9.05!