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This year there seem to be bluebells EVERYWHERE and lots of people posting photos of beautiful bluebell woods. I found out there are some not far from where I live so a friend and I went for a little trip between rain showers to take some photos.


I managed to take only my macro lens and forgeot my “normal” lens (24-105mm) which restricted me a little. But I still tried to see what variety of photos I could get with just the 100mm macro (which I am still trying desperately to master!)…KN3A0504(2)

KN3A0428(2) KN3A0546(2) KN3A0558(2) KN3A0577(2) KN3A0586(2) KN3A0596(2) KN3A0601(2) KN3A0622(2) KN3A0382(2)Β  KN3A0473(3) KN3A0486(2)