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A few random extras from this week taken with my macro lens as it happened to be on the camera at the time…

Sx opening his presents from his party on Saturday (these were taken with me experimenting with a speedlite too. Macro lens and speedlite – two of the things i find most difficult. If I’d used a tripod too that would have been all my betes noires at once!)


KN3A9577(2) KN3A9581(2) KN3A9587(2) KN3A9591(2)

Lx got some bangles from a friend who was clearing out and decided she never wore them – Lx LOVED them!

KN3A9597(2) KN3A9599(2)

And just a couple “through a lens”…

KN3A9608(2) KN3A9619(2)