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So with the children at school and the rain pouring down I looked for some photo inspiration.

And found some willing volunteers.

KN3A0120(sm)When I was pregnant with Sx a friend advised us to buy his first teddy. So we looked long and hard – and found “Bear”

KN3A0134(2)For a while he wasn’t his favourite bedtime buddy though. Instead he loved “Louis” a lamb bought in Looe, Cornwall by my parents on his first holiday we spent with them when he was just 2 months old. Unfortunately Louis wasnt washable so when Sx was poorly we had to substitute him for another toy at night in case he got mucky when Sx was ill.


So we lived and learnt…and decided next time to be sure to get a washable teddy, and to get two so that if one had to be washed or got lost somewhere we had another we could use.

Sx is still the child who loves his soft toys the best. He will take about 15 assorted toys to bed with him given half the chance (and his dressing gown and a soft blanket to increase the cuddliness in his bed). He roams the house seeking out unused soft toys from the other children’s rooms to add to his collection at night. Since he was about 3 Bear has been his companion of choice to take on holiday – but at night he is joined by Puddles the dog, Kitty Cat, Garfield (known as “Cat” at home) and assorted other ruffians

When I was pregnant with Gx, we bought “Teddy”. He has always been Gx’s favourite bedtime toy and has seen a few repairs which have meant “Teddy’s uncle” (aka Teddy #2) has come to stay for a while. I’m not entirely sure where Teddy’s uncle is right now but he might be due another visit while Teddy has an operation on a loose side seam!KN3A0126(2)

The only other toy with a place in Gx’s affections is “Mooey” – a cow bought by his godfather when he was a baby. Sx had Louis – so Gx had Mooey. KN3A0129(2)

When I was pregnant with Lx we bought this bear. He is probably my favourite but it had taken a loooong time to find a “traditional” teddy which was washable. I don’t know why it was so hard. We decided that if Lx was a girl we would call the bear after the boy’s name we had picked – and vice versa. We were happy to do that as she was going to be our last baby as I had been so so poorly throughout the pregnancy I couldn’t face the idea of another.

So this is Dx Bear. Only of course, within weeks of having Lx, we decided perhaps we “could” go through another pregnancy and we didn’t want her to be our last child. SO we ended up using our “boy’s name” for her for our 4th child  leaving us with Dx Bear – and Dx. And in a strange twist of fate, Lx doesn’t really like cuddly toys and refuses to have them in her room. So Dx Bear has been adopted by Dx who loves having him in bed with him.

KN3A0142So when I was pregnant with Dx we bought him a bear. Having used the names “Bear” and “Teddy” we were stuck with what to call him. We decided on Roosevelt (after the original Teddy). He has remained one of Dx’s favourites but like Sx he loves his soft toys and so Roosevelt doesn’t occupy an exclusive position.


This is “Christmas Bear” bought for Dx by my late Uncle Joe. Despite his size Christmas Bear was #1 bear for a long time and is still one of the favourites allowed a “pillow end” position.KN3A0147(2)

And the newest addition to the front runners is “Rabbity” which Dx got at a Build a Bear party a couple of years ago. There is also Buster the dog (given y Santa at breakfast in 2011) Picachut (which Gx bought for him at a school bring and buy sale) and Stitch (from our Disney holiday this year). Sometimes there is barely room for Dx in the bed!KN3A0154(sm)