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Another day with the school. Today I got to help accompany Lx and her class to the local “Victorian schoolroom”. (Photos taken on the iphone so excuse the quality!)


Lx nearly lost it a couple of times when they were in the classroom as she is always so worried about not doing things right – especially so when there is a scary Victorian teacher in charge. But bless her, she stuck with it and ended up enjoying the trip overall. THey all looked amazing in the Victorian outfits (they wore white shirt and long black skirt and were fitted out with white pinafores there.)

We got to write on slates, write with ink pens (and got the ink stained hands to prove it), learn by repeating after the teacher, see someone get “caned” and get put in the corner with the dunces hat and generally get an idea of what lessons were like.

I think they all agreed school now is MUCH more fun!