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(NOTE: All todays photos taken with my iphone. Now I have my DSLR macro lens a bit more under control – mastering the iphone as a camera is next on my list!)

I only have one week left of walking my eldest to school. In September he moves up to secondary school and will be going in with his friends. Just one more week of all 4 of my babies being a school together. I will miss those morning walks – and his siblings will miss seeing him around during the day.

IMG_0742(2)It seems so so long ago now back on that first day in 2005 walking him to nursery. We had Gx and Lx in a double buggy and we were running late. Poor Sx was jogging beside us all the way and we more or less threw him through the doors.

When I went to pick him up – Matt rang the vets to hear our cat needed to be put down. Sx’s first big day was overshadowed with my grief – and Sx was the one who comforted me “Its ok Mummy, all the people who died in the war will be up in the clouds to look after him – and LOTS of people died in the war” (Sx was big on World War II when he was 4!)


He was fine even on his first day at nursery – he loved it there. He soon made a “best friend” who is still his friend now (despite a pretty distressing “break up” half way through this year). He loved kicking the football over the fence onto the school field (something the nursery staff were not used to – his kick was lethal even then!) And he loved the scooters – although he gave himself a terrible black eye when he came off one .


He was so keen to start in “big school” the following year, he loved to read and do sums and question and investigate EVERYTHING!!He had such a thirst for knowledge (“I know that’s the Tropic of Capricorn…but whats it FOR???). On his first day he came out and told me “IT was good – they didn’t teach us anything about the war yet but I think they might cover that next week”.


He did have a wobble when he started full time in primary school though. He came out on the first day with a note he had written “Dear mummy I don’t want to go to school any more. I miss you” – and burst into tears.


We had a couple of weeks of tears at bedtime about school, of him taking his shoes off in the morning when it was time to leave to try to avoid going – and of prising his fingers off the doorframe of the classroom and forcibly handing him to the teacher (before I ran outside to cry). After a couple of weeks he got better about going and began to enjoy it and I could take him in and relax knowing it was no longer torture for him.


But after that, he has enjoyed his time there. After 6 years looks much the same although his face is a little thinner than it was, he is still the same eager little boy keen to learn about the topics which interest him, he has the same love of sport and is still either on top of the world or despairing of things not going his way. He continues to be the undisputed “boss” of the children at home, the one who devises the games, makes the rules and decides on the roles.

His love of music came as a surprise to us on his journey through primary school – as did his interest in wildlife and birds. As with everything he does, he threw himself into both wholeheartedly and with obsession.

It will be interesting to see where the future takes him…    IMG_0734(2)